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What’s inside Apple HomePod? Bargain Classified Marketplace

Apple, Brands February 18, 2018

Apple HomePod, what’s all that buzz about? We’re gonna destroy one, take it apart, see what’s inside. This thing is supposed to have seven microphones and eight speakers in it along with the giant subwoofer. So, it will be interesting to see what’s inside of it.

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Apple HomePod Day, is that a thing? – I think so. – Okay, so here’s the deal. It’s Saturday, we were not planning on filming a video today and then we’ve been hit up by everybody. So we’re gonna destroy one, take it apart, see what’s inside. This thing is supposed to have seven microphones and eight speakers in it along with the giant subwoofer. So, it will be interesting to see what’s inside of it. I know there’s been a ton of videos about the Apple HomePod, but I don’t think any of them yet show like, really what’s inside of it.

 What’s inside Apple HomePod?Watch the video here!

This is gonna be… – Home Pod Day – Oh you’re getting it out, let’s get it out right now. It is pretty. – Whoa, it’s heavy! Oh, that’s heavy! – Is it? – Yeah! – So, this is your Apple HomePod here (see video). See that? The bottom of it has the Apple logo on it. All around the speaker, it’s just one giant, comfortable speaker type feeling.
Let’s see how the music sounds. It’s loud. Sounds good. – Hey Siri? Pause music. – That was surprising that it can hear you. – Yeah, it can still hear me. What do I think of this speaker? It’s louder than a lot of the smaller speakers that we’ve tested out before. Hey Siri? Should we cut open this Google Home Pod? Google Home Pod (laughs loudly) Should we cut open this Apple Home Pod? – (Siri) I’m not sure what to say. – Hey Siri? Does this ax scare you? Can you hear me? – (Siri) You’re coming through loud and clear. Go ahead. – That’s good. – Hey Siri? Are you scared of this pickaxe? Whenever you ask her if she’s scared of something she doesn’t respond. – Hey Siri? What are you scared of? – (Siri) I’m afraid I can’t answer that. – I’m not sure how you’re supposed to get into this thing because if you look at it…

– There are no screws, there’s no way to open the Apple HomePod. – Right? Okay so here is the plan. I think the first thing that we need to do is skin this pod. Skin it. – Go ahead, skin it. – Let’s cut all this stuff off. Oh! It cuts in it pretty easily. – Whoa! – Wow. Let’s cut around the edges. Alright, we’ve made it all the way around the circle. Let’s see if I cut it all the way through. I may have missed some spots. Alright, so we got the outer layer of this mesh, it’s this mesh that’s pretty thick, feel that. It feels like a sock, this black material right here. We have Apple HomePod that is just plastic pod currently. With this part on the outside. It just comes right out. It’s just underneath there ‘s this little seal that goes around. Question is does this still work without this mesh and this sock? – What? I didn’t know—(loud music plays) Whoa! Look at her! – This still works. And we can see a speaker underneath here. Like when you turn on the music you can see what looks like a subwoofer just bouncing like a bigger speaker on top.

I thought that because it’s heavier on the bottom, the Apple HomePod feels heavier on the bottom, that maybe the magnet would be on the bottom and the speaker would be down that way maybe pushing down but it looks like the biggest speaker has gotta be on the top so … I don’t know. – (Siri) Sorry, I’m unable to do that. (loud music) – Hey Siri? Pause the music. This thing is pretty tough built. I have this hatchet here and that could help us just kinda crack it open a little bit. – Made some scratch marks. – Ya know when they put these things together there’s gotta be a way to get in. I just don’t see where that way would be. Dremel, Dremel. – Do you like Dremels? – (Siri) I can’t get the answer to that on Home Pod. – That stuffs hot. – We’re in the Home Pod. There’s the giant speaker. There’s one side over here that has the ribbon and it goes down to be able to talk to it.

– Wow! – So the thing that I like about this Apple HomePod is the top of it is really the subwoofer, the main speaker. It takes up the entire space. All of the treble and the other noises come out of the bottom. Now, this is supposed to be an adapted speaker so it listens to your room and sends out whether you are sitting over on that side of the room or that side of the room. You should hear it the same, it listens to the wall and changes based off of it. But for being such a small, compact thing, the subwoofers are pretty good size. Check it out when it moves to the bass. Whoa! Look at that thing! That’s really strong when you touch it! – That’s so weird. (loud music) – Aw, poor Siri, I’m sorry.

I’m not really that sorry. Very impressive brains up here at the top where it shows everything that’s inside of that case. And then, it also has some sort of sensor that when you tap it, it starts playing the music. So what I think I want to do now is just take the Dremel and cut clear across the middle, see if we can open it up. It’s about a half inch thick of plastic but I’m still gonna try to cut around here and see if we can actually get in with the Dremel. Aw, did we finally kill it? – Hey Siri? – Hey Siri? Play music. Hey Siri? Are you alive? – Nope. – Apparently, Siri cannot handle a Dremel across her belly. – Your hands! – My hands are dirty. My hands are black. (both scream) We did it! Holy smokes that is cool! – Big chipboard.

– That is so cool, are you kidding me? – There’s like copper wires right there then there are speakers, I bet that that’s a speaker. – Well, that’s the bottom of the speaker. So you’ve got the speaker up top. Now that Siri is not working let’s just finish the job up here. Oh, it’s just unplugged. We’ve effectively cut this in half. I mean, check that out. This entire top half is just the speaker and then of course on top the chip that talks to Siri. – That’s the entire top half. That probably makes it one of the main reasons why it’s so heavy. – Feel it. That’s it. This is super light. It’s supposed to have seven sensors and eight speakers. But down here, you have these little batteries. All the screws are out. – What? And nothing fell out. – Okay, so we opened this up. This is the power line that comes in. It comes into the front, it grabs this and it goes up to this metal, middle part. – Oh whoa! Those are all little speakers huh? – So these must be the speakers. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. So yeah, that’s either the speakers or the sensors.

I just wanna see the tweeters. Tweeters? Is that what you call it? – The tweeters! I want the tweeters! – And I think that they’re inside of there. The power cable actually comes out quite easily. I didn’t break it. I just pulled it out. And you can see it just has two little notches on it. Get outta the way. This is it. Yeah! I smashed it open. We gotta hole in it. And now I’ve got another one of these guys. It’s just like these little pods. There are pods within the Home Pods. I don’t know why they make these little… what do they call them? Treble pods? Treble speakers? So hard to get in to. They’re just these little guys right here. But, I did break one of them. You can see the little speaker, it is small. – Wow! That is a really small speaker.

– There’s some oil on me from it. Okay, so here’s another one that we broke open. And if you look inside of there is a little speaker. And it just has the tiniest hole at the bottom where all the treble can come out of. Seven of these little speakers. One of these giant speakers. The top where Siri talks to you and you can tap and do all that stuff. – Then all of this cool technology right here that I don’t have a clue how it works. – Well somewhere in here, and I’m guessing it’s on this board, they did say there are seven sound sensors. Where they are listening to the sound and then changing how much noise goes out and where the sound goes out of. I think that’s probably something for more of a technical person, like Jerry Rig Everything, when he takes it apart maybe he can explain where the sensors are.

Is it this giant thing with the batteries in there with this, cause what in the world is this? Is this speaker actually a magnet? There are some screws that we took out. Let’s see if we can find any of them. – Oh here’s one. – There they all are, stuck on there. All those screws. – Those are mine, I will take that. – Now Lincoln is taking over this. – This was awesome. Thank you for all of your suggestions. But you cut open a Home Pod. If you would like to have this Home Pod the instructions are down below of how to win this. – We’re not gonna give you this broken one. We’ll keep this one. We’ll give you a full functioning one.

You’ll have to have an Apple phone so don’t enter if you don’t have an Apple phone. – Don’t enter. – Just don’t do it. Unless you just want to resell on eBay. Then go ahead and enter and we won’t open this Apple HomePod. – You can go resell it or you can have an Apple phone. Don’t be like Zac, don’t.

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